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Chemical Deals

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Chemical Deal Results

SWEPCODalfort CapitalIndustrial lubricants and greases4th Quarter 2020
FloratechCargillnatural emollients and derivatives for beauty and personal care applications.4th Quarter 2020
Durect Corp.EvonikLactel (biodegradable polymers) - $15v4th Quarter 2020
BASFOne Rock Capitalsite in Kankakee IL (vegetable-oil-based raw material sterols and natural vitamin E, anionic surfactants and esters)4th Quarter 2020
Colorado Photopolymer SolutionsArkemaformulated photopolymer resin solutions for energy curing technology, especially for 3D printing 4th Quarter 2020
Tenex CapitalWellspring CapitalCadence Petroleum Group (distribution of lubricants, fuel, antifreeze, diesel exhaust fluid, and other ancillary products)4th Quarter 2020
Polysi TechnologiesThe Fuchs Groupsilicone lubricants4th Quarter 2020
Tilley ChemicalSK Capitaldistributor and value-added service provider of specialty chemicals and lubricants4th Quarter 2020
New Nautical Coatings Akzoyacht coatings4th Quarter 2020
IslechemAceto (New Mountain Capital)chemical manufacturing, contract research and development (R&D), analytical services, and technical and support services4th Quarter 2020